Caught in a Trap – Fiona De Lanerolle & Kirby De Lanerolle

In this message, Fiona de Lanerolle & Kirby de Lanerolle talk about the traps of forgiveness and offense. Fiona teaches us that if you remain in the state of being offended, you truly haven’t forgiven. There is no middle ground. Jesus died a gruesome, painful, depressing death on the cross for you. There is no gruesome, painful or depressing event in your life that wasn’t covered by his blood. Choosing to stay offended by the past is choosing death. Jesus covered it all. There is no more reason to harbor bitter offenses because his love covered a multitude of sins. Fiona explains more on the significance of secret offenses in the life of a believer and how they affect the very lifeblood of our being.

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Fiona de Lanerolle

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle are the founders and visionaries of WOW Life Church in Sri Lanka, and together they lead and serve the group at large.