Heart of a Son – Fiona De Lanerolle & Kirby De Lanerolle

In this message, Fiona de Lanerolle & Kirby de Lanerolle talk about forgiveness in the heart of a son. They show us that true forgiveness involves choosing to forgive even if you know a person intended to hurt you. They teach that while most of us wouldn’t like to admit that we have had negative intentions at some point in our life, it’s true nonetheless. They explain how Jesus forgave not just the sin, but the intent behind the sin. The team also talk about what Jesus truly meant when he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

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Fiona de Lanerolle

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle are the founders and visionaries of WOW Life Church in Sri Lanka, and together they lead and serve the group at large.