Life in the Context of Sonship – Dr. Lynn Hiles

In this message, Dr. Lynn Hiles shares on life in the context of Sonship. Sonship is not something that we earn, it is something we receive through the Holy Spirit. The Father is in us just like He is in Jesus. Dr. Hiles teaches that everything important needs to be in context and audience relevance. In other words, a text out of context is just a con. He gives us the understanding that the house Jesus was preparing is us – we are the temple for the Holy Spirit.

Life in the Context of Sonship | Dr. Lynn Hiles #quote, freedom, grace, holy spirit, law, miracles, sonship

About the communicator

Dr. Lynn Hiles

Dr. Lynn Hiles holds a doctorate of theology in biblical studies and has an apostolic mission encompassing over 35 years of traveling ministry. He is also an author and hosts a national TV program titled “Dr. Lynn Hiles – That You Might Have Life”.