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Mostly Monthly: News Bias, Crypto Update, Area 51, NONES, Lost Cities


Matt 0:28
And it’s time for Mostly Monthly where we’re going to catch up on recent happenings and fun things that we find going on, followed by an enlightening and I don’t know, time of sharing products that you will probably love if you go ahead and click on those affiliate links for us. So let’s just dive right into it. What happened to Taylor Swift?

Jen 0:53
Well, last time we talked, I was, I had brought her situation forward with her copyrights of her songs and how she was saying that she didn’t have the opportunity to buy them. And we had this wonderful discussion. If you want to hear more on it, check the link below with last week’s or however we do that months, mostly. Anyways, the point I wanted to get to was literally the day after we posted that an article came out saying that she had all the time in the world to purchase her music rights, and that she chose not to and is making this big wahwahwah on deal about it. And I immediately was, like, just talked about this and now I’m gonna sound like an idiot. There we go. Um, everyone on this podcast cares so greatly about this topic, right? And while I said, you know, Taylor, Swift, blah, blah, blah, I kind of want to talk more about just media outlets in general, and how it’s just kind of a big thing scam of Who do you believe who do not believe everyone has their bias? And I feel like amongst our group, we probably have a good conversation about that. But I don’t know if other people do or maybe maybe a lot of people realize that the news outlets are scams, and they don’t listen to them. Or maybe they have maybe you guys lis with us have like, I listen to this person, and they have the truth or the most unbiased? I don’t know,

Matt 2:26
the quick answer is that you should listen to us and nobody else. So

Jen 2:30
right. Well, I even think that’s inaccurate, and I know you’re joking. But if you’re listening, I don’t think that’s because it’s like, again, you’re getting this sound pool of just like there’s six of us on this team. But we still kind of have all the same kind of mind. process. Whereas when you listen to stuff that you don’t necessarily believe, then you can you can strengthen your your beliefs. But at the same time, if people are just making up crap, and just, we’re going to make this person look good, and this person look bad, then there’s really no point in thinking about that, about those topics. But the bigger idea of what is this the author’s this company’s bias or angle? Or what are they trying to basically tap into my brain to get me to think about something differently? Or, in a sense, it kind of feels like brainwash or manipulation of your thought process, if you’re not aware of it.

Matt 3:24
Sure. I mean, I don’t personally I, I, maybe I’m guilty, I don’t know if that’s right term. But I definitely use Google News as kind of my one of the feeds I go to primarily. And I tried to curate it as much as possible, guide it where I want it to go. But on a fun note, presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google, because she’s saying that they’re basically censoring her word before was there minimizing her presence on the internet, and I think that’s a that’s a, that’s a big thing, I really hope that there is some kind of like, demonstrative data that shows that she’s being suppressed. Like, because one, I enjoy her as a candidate, and think that she has a lot to offer to the conversation, whether or not she’s ultimately elected. But two I mean, tech companies have so much power right now. Just Just by being able to curate feeds, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, you know, Google News, whatever. If, you know, if you’re not shown, you know, if you only shown us a snippet of the news, whether it’s Hey, so and so wasn’t able to purchase their their music rights. And then you find out later, oh, they were totally able to they didn’t until it was too late. And now they want to complain about the process. Like, I mean, these are, that story may have been at the same time, it just wasn’t when you searched for it wasn’t available.

Jen 4:52
And I still I’d like I don’t know, the end process and I don’t really care, but it just the pieces in the way things are titled are intentionally written to pull at your heartstrings and to get you to be like, oh, curse them. Without

Matt 5:08
Journalism’s dead, though. Realistically.

Jen 5:12
I’m curious what you guys think about that? If you thought about that, and, you know, on a greater scale our listeners, do you guys think that and like,

Matt 5:20
I mean, I’m just gonna keep chiming in here until somebody else goes, but like, having been having worked in the news arena, as a military journalist, you have certain guidelines that you have to work by, like, as a military journalist, I don’t get the option to editorialize, unless it’s a specifically, you know, an opinion piece, you know, very, you know, gigantic header opinion. You have to stick to the facts. And that’s what I think we at least kind of had the, the feel that we grew up with, like Walter Cronkite, and whatnot. And then it seemed like, you know, whether or not that was truly the case, back then not right now, it seems like that’s not even not even trying to pass things off as uniased. It’s just like, come to us. And we’ll give you our take on the news, as opposed to somebody saying, here’s the actual news, here’s what’s actually happening, you decide how you want to spin that. It just seems like

Joanie 6:10
I think there’s, there’s kind of a reality to that, that every organization is going to have their bias. And I more appreciate the ones that are honest about that and say, Look, we’re a group of people that have this view of the world, we’re going to report the news in a way that is in line with our view, because that’s the way we see it. And I think this is a direction that the world is going is realizing that there are different points of view, and people are going to react to them within their lens. And you brought up just you know, Facebook, and Google and all these things. And it just dawned on me that this is something that we’re going to have to teach kids how to do. Like when we grow up, grew up, it was well, this is the news. It was it’s the news. But now it’s not that way anymore. Now you you get to pick what your news is, you get to pick how you spin the story. And kids are growing up in this place of what is true. And it brings up a lot of questions.

Jen 7:11
Well, I think they don’t even like kids don’t even think what is true. They just like it’s true. Like they don’t even question it until you say hey, you know what, that’s not something you should think about is true, or,

Christina 7:25
well, you know, other kids always know more than you do as their parent

Jen 7:31
I’m not at that stage in life. We’re teetering on one of them. But for the most part, they still

Christina 7:37
thankfully, our kids don’t really feel that way. But there was a time when they were like but so and so said and I’m like uh, they don’t know anything.

Matt 7:48
Well you know, Joanie, I don’t necessarily disagree with your your your take that you appreciate people who are upfront with their bias, I don’t have a huge problem with that, particularly what I have a huge problem with is when people are selective about what they want, they share that you can have your bias but if you’re if you’re pulling a snippet of a quote, and then not making it easy to see the whole quote somewhere else, I have a problem with that. Sure. If you’re intentionally distorting with somebody saying which happens all freaking time, hey, let me take this quote out of context and make it really seem like Joe Schmo is a total jerk and racist and xenophobe, whatever, like fuck you

David 8:22
Well, Case in point to the Trump hat kid with American I mean, that ridiculous smirk. The smart kid,

Joanie 8:35
what are you referring to?

Austin 8:37
the kid, the kid in front of the Lincoln Memorial they got confronted by the Native American activist guy

Jen 8:45
who has like a reputation for doing that. And then he was just bullied. And

David 8:49
but then everybody just pulled just one tiny bit of of the clip of the video and it showed the it looks like was it like the guy was trying to pass and the kid just stood there and kind of kinda was mocking him or something like that. And everybody just flipped their lid.

Austin 9:09
Do you remember the part about when Trump found out he was the Mueller investigation was going forward? And the quote was “I’m fucked.” Right? And that was all over the news. See, he knows that he knows it. But the rest of the quote is, I’m fucked, now everything I want to do is just going to be tied up in the in the investigation, and as a President, I’m not going to get anything done. Right? But so contextually, he was absolutely it had nothing to do with guilt. But they take it out of context. I’ve also got up in my, if I’ve got it up. For those who can see the video. If you haven’t seen the meme of two The Wall Street Journal, the same day, the same journal. And depending on where it is in the country, one of Trump softens his tone. And the other one says Trump talks tough on the wall, same picture, same same journal, same newspapers, same article, same everything, but based on where it was circulated in the country, they chose a different headline. Like, and that happens daily.

Christina 10:08
Well, you know, that happens on like YouTube videos and articles and stuff, you can do AB test headlines and see what works better. So what’s going to show up differently for people. I didn’t realize they did it in the printed news.

Matt 10:22
Certainly, and I think when you have large tech companies, and I’m just pointing I’m poking at them, because they have the literally the platform for it. curating timelines for people curating what they see, I mean, sure, Twitter gives you the option to now have, you know, the latest things, the latest tweets pop up first, but it always defaults back to their curated preference for what they’re going to show you not necessarily for the people, you follow what they post, like the latest postings, Facebook’s the same way they know exactly what gets the clicks. And they want to keep you there as long as possible. You know, consequences be damned. They want to keep you on the site, because that generation ad revenue, right. And so you have people making decisions on you know, in favor of money and saying it’s questionable ethics, me, I still laugh at the idea of Google’s thing, like, don’t be evil, and like where the evil line is at. And it’s that line’s blurry at best nowadays, if not just thoroughly trampled.

Joanie 11:25
Well, that’s something I wondered what the news that I’ve wondered for a long time is how much is intentional? And how much is just their view of the world? Because there’s a whole lot of people that have the complete opposite view of the world that I do. And and I can sit there and say that they’re wrong. But then to look at them and say they’re purposefully manipulating the facts. I do believe it happens for sure. Because you see, like the clips on YouTube of all the news organizations using the same headline, using the same verbiage over and over and over, you’re like, Okay, well, this is obviously scripted. Obviously, this is obviously presented. But how much of it is just personal opinion and view versus actual manipulation? I guess if it comes down to sales and viewership, then it does come down to manipulation? It’s

David 12:16
it’s kind of an interesting question, because of the amount of people in the media that were so flabbergasted when Trump got elected. I mean, there there might be, you might have a point there in the sense that they they might just be so engrossed in their own point of view that they don’t really see any other point of views, maybe? I don’t know.

Joanie 12:43
So many people were shocked by that. And I wasn’t surprised by it. But so many people were just completely shocked. And by him winning.

Austin 12:56
What’d you guys hear about the the hearing that it was hearing on Capitol Hill?

Unknown Speaker 13:03
I’m trying to find the date of it. Research psychologist Robert Epstein joined Dirkle on a Tuesday night. They talked of I cant rember the date anyways. It was like capitol hill where he testifies that Google and their search terms manipulated anywhere from 2.6 to 10 million votes towards Hillary just by filtering their searches. And that’s that’s not conspiracy. I though I did originally learned about it from Qanon. It’s not it mean, it’s, it’s articles, it’s on Zero Hedge is on. I mean, it was Capitol Hill testimony

Matt 13:37
did they mentioned how they quantify that, or is it just like,

Austin 13:41
I’m sure that yeah, I mean, it’s not just some, like, again, I mean, it’s Capitol Hill testimony, so it’s gonna be legit, just I haven’t done a deep dive but

Joanie 13:49
um, so that was are you saying, like manipulating poll results to make it seem like

Austin 13:54
manipulating search results for like, I know for one of the big things was like any positive news of Trump was buried in like 20-30 pages of results deep, anything negative was at the top and reverse for Hillary, so anything good for Hillary was top results, any negative conspiracies were really buried, if not showed at all.

Joanie 14:16
And someone actually has to plug those in. So there there is a manipulation there.

Christina 14:22
But Russia

Joanie 14:23
around that.

Austin 14:26
You guys ever heard of Veritas, Veritas project? Yes. Truth and Media guys. They just did a whole thing that came out last month, I think about Google.

Matt 14:37
Are they boycotting Google? er like

Austin 14:38
I think so. But I know. They did one on Pinterest, and basically recorded definitive statements by executive top executives to manipulate search results and, and point people towards more liberal progressive candidates and news.

Christina 14:39
Well well well

David 15:02
I don’t believe it

Matt 15:04

Austin 15:06
I’m fascinated that this started with a conversation about Taylor Swift, I

Matt 15:09
I was thinking the same thing. I didn’t go Yeah, good job. I feel like I’m gonna fall flat here in a second when I say, you know, whole lots happened in the crypto arena. I know we’ve talked about cryptocurrency in the past and just, you know, blockchain happenings. And it’s pretty, a pretty exciting time for people as far as price actions been going recently, maybe not so much in the last month or so because things have been going down a bit. But the idea you know, there’s so much more happening than price right now. There are so many big players entering the market. And you if you watch the the charts, you can see things are being manipulated, like it’s it’s, but it’s both ways, it’s manipulated up and manipulated down, you know, just people trying to get more of that cryptocurrency for themselves. But, you know, in the recent past, we’ve had Fidelity who’s, you know, manages a lot of people’s retirements and their investments, they recently became capable of being custodians for cryptocurrency, which means that basically, they can handle so people that were scared of being in a cryptocurrency, because the idea of being their own bank wasn’t alluring. They still wanted that third party to kind of handle things and make it safer for them, well, they have an option now in Fidelity, they can actually just throw the retirement into that stuff if they want to. So that’s a big deal. And then, you know, I do know that sometimes people in the crypto community Don’t get excited about people outside the crypto community like doing, you know, things that they’ve been wanting to do themselves, however, Bakkt, which is an organization that was started by the people who own and run the New York Stock Exchange group called ICE backed is now basically becoming the new york stock exchange for cryptocurrencies and they just I think in last week, I forgot it’s all kind of blurring together right now. Launched Bakkt for basically like, the elite, they’re basically they put they put other there, they’re testing template, you know, I think they’re still planning to be up and running for everybody by September. But as far as like if you can imagine being an institutional investor or hedge fund manager, the idea of going into some Uncharted like cryptocurrency company ran exchange is less exciting than people who run the New York Stock Exchange exchange that they might be running is far more alluring in the sense that you know that what you’re getting with the New York Stock Exchange you’re getting in this. So the idea that institutions are, you know, institutions, institutions, institutions has been like the call, for like last year, while all stuff was while prices were just dropping, dropping, dropping, well, it’s finally coming out. And it is an extremely exciting time, but there’s so much more happening right now. It’s funny, because like, China has been on the, you know, has been a kick of like, well, we’re gonna ban Bitcoin and no Bitcoin’s going up. Again, not ban Bitcoin. So good. Again, like, China’s putting out rankings for which cryptocurrencies are the best Now, based on technology and our user base is whatnot, like, it’s a really interesting time, like I, I follow a few different people on YouTube that just try to get the news out. And like, the range of news that happens is so, so wild, it’s fun to watch how things are connected to price, how news is connected to price, you know, whether the timing of it, whatever. But if you haven’t yet, gotten involved, I encourage you to just get your toe wet and get a feel for what things feel like on the cryptocurrency side of things like, because it’s not, you don’t want to try to get in the game, when everybody else is trying to get in the game. You know, the system is still young, it’s still something that we’re when everybody’s trying to rush in at once there’s a line. So you want to get in before the line’s there, and then just be able to do what you want. Oncee whenever you want to do it. So that means, you know, finding an exchange that you can trust and getting your as a as a US citizen anyways, you have to have like, you know, cryptocurrency exchanges are required to kind of follow US banking regulations that they know your customer regulations. There’s back in the day, you just had to have a like an email address and a password and a bank account, you could link to whereas now like you have to have, like driver’s license and that kind of stuff. You know, some kind of photo identification goes into this whole thing, makes it less anonymous, but also makes it more like trustworthy and whatnot. However, your views on it may vary. But have you guys been paying attention to this at all? or am I just monologueing and we’re going on to the next topic.

Joanie 19:46
I had a couple questions for you actually, as you were talking. One of the things that popped in my head was I wonder if this is akin to the whole .com bubble, that it was this major movement, this major thing and like everyone is getting into it. Like I feel like even private companies now are starting their own cryptocurrency and getting into this and I’m not in it very much at all. So I you know, what is your feelers Do you feel like this is something that is going to everyone get into it, and then it’s going to collapse? And then you know, the top people are going to come out and it’s going to be an everyday way of life. And then my other question was, how is this becoming an everyday way of life for your average person? So I’m starting to see you know, Bitcoin is starting to become more common knowledge, but a lot of people I talked to don’t still don’t have any understanding of cryptocurrency.

Matt 20:36
Sure, so a lot of people make that comparison to the the.com bubble. They just made it a year ago when when Bitcoin, you know, spiked up to $20,000 per Bitcoin, and then the button You know, it’s funny because like, Andreas Antonopoulos, I can’t remember what the timing of his his comment was, somebody asked him if it was a bubble, like of course the bubble. People like Andreas Antonopoulos is like a huge speaker in the Bitcoin community. Like he goes from country to country to country every time he speaks, basically just sharing the word of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency of blockchain. People like, can you please do this in my country? And he’s a very talented speaker, he doesn’t, you know, he articulates the ideas of it very well. He said, Of course, it’s a bubble. And so he people like oh, my gosh, he’s saying this. And then, you know, inevitably, because there was a crazy frenzy. You know, the bubble popped, as bubbles tend to do. And, you know, Bitcoin went from $20,000, down to about $3200. Now, yeah, that’s a significant popping. But, you know, those, that popping is healthy. Like it allows things to return to normal, it, it weeded out a lot of scams, a lot of things came to light, a lot of people were just doing it for the, for the cash grab. It truly was a wild west scenario. And then so it weeds out these bad actors, it’s funny because now that the price has been going up, scammers are starting to return to the space again, slowly but surely, the idea of a free Bitcoin giveaway or free giveaway, just give me your account, you know, like, people fall for that stuff still. But that’s stuff’s beginning to return because prices start to go back up. And as far as the everyday the average person beginning to use this kind of thing. It truly depends on where you are. Go back to Andreas Antonopoulos, you I think he recently said Bitcoin isn’t familiar. There’s, you know, like Warren Buffett was saying, like, I don’t you know, I don’t need Bitcoin? Well, of course, he doesn’t need Bitcoin. He’s a billionaire. Anything that has access to any banking product he could ever want. All right. There’s a lot of people that don’t, there’s a lot of people that don’t have access to a bank, period. And Bitcoin is a savior for them. You think about people that are in Venezuela right now. You know, we constantly hear about the hyperinflation that’s happening to their currency, how basically, you know, if a loaf of bread costs $1 Now, next week, it costs $10. Can you imagine how shitty that is that like you basically, you’re getting your paycheck? How fast can I spend this thing before it’s worth less? Before it’s worth a fraction of what it’s worth? So now people people are doing it is because they’re taking the whole paycheck? They’re buying Bitcoin? And then and then not only, you know, gosh, I forget what the percentages were. But you know, as much as they’re even when Bitcoin went down, people that were buying Bitcoin with their Venezuelan currency, like the bolivar, I think they were still up like 400… 4000% I forget what it was even when Bitcoin was crashing, they were still ahead. Now that it’s going up, can imagine how much more their head. So people, you know, it’s good.

Joanie 23:50
I was just wondering, because I started tracking a couple of cryptocurrencies. And it seems like they really just follow the dollar in value, you know, you look at the charts, when the dollar goes up, they go up. So I wondered if that’s true with all cryptocurrency at least in the United States? And if that’s different with foreign currencies, like you were saying?

Matt 24:08
Sure so it’s interesting to note to watch a variety of metrics that seem to this things seem to follow. I’d say it’s far more common to watch the other cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin’s movement, then anything else. Bitcoin goes up, most things tend to go up, Bitcoin goes down, most things tend to go down. It’s interesting. You know, there’s a lot of traders I follow on Twitter right now that you have been clamoring for what’s called alt season are basically, you know, alts kind of separate from Bitcoin and do their own thing. And usually when, when that has happened traditionally, in the past, you can make thousands of percents in short amounts of time holding all the right, alt coins, as opposed to holding Bitcoin. where it gets tricky is, is if you don’t like you can lose a lot against Bitcoin at the wrong times. It’s I know, it’s it’s a dicey situation, I think it’s definitely in my mind, my opinion, my unprofessional financial advice is to focus on a few good projects that you feel really good about. And that way, you don’t have to try to track everything because there’s a lot like when things were blowing up and cryptocurrency it was man, it was going, like we got older, over 1000 cryptocurrencies. And so, you know, the vast majority of them were cash grabs, they were filling niches that nobody’s looking for solutions for. But, you know, there are some really good projects out there with really good development teams with really good communities around them. So you know, finding things that you truly believe in that you can see a future for watching it, especially if you’re a US citizen and watching how the SEC is regulating things or the you know, whichever regulatory board it is trying to take control at that particular point in time. And then lastly, kind of tying into that regulation is I don’t trade it really anymore. Tax wise, it’s no bueno to buy something and hold it for less than a year because if you do then you’re getting hit with short term capital gains because the IRS sees cryptocurrency as property right now. So you can hit short term capital gains on something and so if you have depending on how much you hold and how much you sell, you could be putting your you could be putting yourself into a higher tax bracket, at which point, those cryptocurrency gains are also means tax at that particular tax rate. Whereas if you can hold on to it for more than a year, changes things dramatically. You’re getting instead of like a potentially a 40% tax on your crypto gains, which could be, you know, crypto to crypto trades, not just crypto to Fiat, like you know, Bitcoin the US dollar, but it could be like Bitcoin to Ethereum. Sorry, if that is it is confusing.

David 26:58
So So if if you trade Bitcoin to a Ethereum or Bitcoin

Matt 27:02
that’s a taxable event right now,

David 27:03
that’s, we’re talking that would be also a capital gains,

Matt 27:08
that’s capital gains. It could be it could be losses to capital losses as well.

Austin 27:13
It’s always capital gains, but difference between short term and long term.

David 27:16
Yeah, right.

Matt 27:17
Yeah. Yep. So and the difference between long term and short term is gigantic. I mean, you’re looking at you know, 10% maybe I mean, or zero percent, you know, that’s that’s that’s that’s the benefit of long term capital gains. It could be that you understand how how people become rich and and and then stay rich. They’re not they’re not they’re not doing the short term trading stuff necessarily. Unless they’re doing it, you know, with algorithms and high frequency trading. They are buying stuff and holding assets enjoying that, you know, that zero percent tax rate I forget was it Mitt Romney, like when they were showing what what tax rate he was paying? And it was like 7% and he was 15% I forget what it was. That’s because he’s not paying you know, he’s not paying income tax level stuff on his on the money he’s making. He’s paying long term capital gains, which changes the game for everybody.

Christina 28:13
Just one question would where would you point people in a direction to

Matt 28:19
goodness it depends greatly on where you’re at. You know, speaking for the United States. Coinbase is still kind of a standard. If you’re new york Gemini is a solid option. Gemini was started by the the Winklevoss the Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame back in the day, which makes Facebook’s release of Libra are pending release of their cryptocurrency. Libra has kind of a fun jab, Libra and Gemini. But I guess I probably should have mentioned, you know, Facebook’s Libra being kind of a large, a large factor right now on, you know, kind of weighing over the crypto verse in the sense that, you know, they were getting ready to release their, their currency and Congress said, send them a letter said, hey, how about you go ahead and stop that? And we’re going to go ahead and have you come in and chat with us. This is a matter of national security. So that I forget what the how the saying goes was like First they laugh at you, then they fight you then you win or something like that. I think might be missing a step. But the idea that like this went from something laughable to national security threat. Yeah.

Joanie 29:31
We should talk about the area 51. Right now has anyone looked into that?

Matt 29:39
I have not bought plane tickets.

Joanie 29:42
I did mark interested on the Facebook group because us was on it. So I am marked in the number

Christina 29:50
they’re gonna storm there something

Joanie 29:52
just interested not going just

Matt 29:59
has spurned some some top tier memes.

Jen 30:03
When is it supposed to scheduled to happen September

Matt 30:06
20th, or 21st?

Christina 30:09
They said everybody that’s trying to do that is not that well in the know. That’s not the right place to go anyway.

Matt 30:17
Marine laughs and 50 caliber.

They can’t stop all of us.

Joanie 30:25
I am super curious to see what the news is and how this actually plays out. And I mean, you know, people are going to show up.

Jen 30:32
Oh, totally.

Joanie 30:33
It’s just even how serious people get, get start taking bets.

Matt 30:36
I mean, going back to our original talk about the media coverage, like I’m super curious to see like, if there’s 500 people that show up, are they like zooming in on that? 500 making it site ocean of a million people?

Jen 30:51
I don’t I think it would be the opposite, honestly, because

Matt 30:54
that’s a non story that doesn’t get any clicks.

Jen 30:57
I know. But I think I just want to thank I’m curious, because this all this all came about because of Joe Rogan’s interview right with that one, dude, or is it is it coming from something else?

Matt 31:09
Bob Lazar Cuz I think it’s just a piece.

Jen 31:14
It’s a piece. But if, like, Is he gonna see any repercussions for that? Because from

Matt 31:21
I mean, he specifically went on said, don’t go.

And then Bob came and said, hey, there’s no aliens at area. 51. last, last I checked, there was some stuff at S2 or something like that, you know,

Jen 31:33
40 years ago

Matt 31:34
there was spacecraft there. But who knows? That was 30 years ago, that could have changed.

David 31:38
He even said in his in the interview, he said that it wasn’t there wasn’t anything at area 51 it was some other blacksite

Joanie 31:47
Well, there’s definitely not anything there now, now that they’re planning on this insurrection, uprising.

Austin 31:55
tour guides like this way, right this way.

Joanie 31:58
The numbers on the group and one 1.4 million people have marked interested 2 million have marked that they’re going

Jen 32:07
well, and it’s also it goes back to our previous conversation of, you know, manipulation of that information and how many people are like, I’m just doing it to be part of the crowd, but not really doing it, you know, and

David 32:20
7/8 of them

Matt 32:22
So full disclosure back in 2008. I went to work for a company called EC3, which was a combination of EGandG and Cortez three, who used to run area 51. And I was like, can I get a transfer? because I mean yet I mean, that was that was clearance level work that was doing I’m not that I had the clearance I level to get into that. I was like, maybe I could do something. Let’s move to Las Vegas, what’s up?

Jen 32:50
that clearly didn’t happen

Matt 32:52
did not.

Christina 32:53

Austin 32:54
So you say

Joanie 32:57
that what they told you to tell everybody

Jen 32:59

Austin 33:02
Remember what they told him?

Matt 33:04
Last thing I remember is this red light and it was uh… right on.

Joanie 33:08
We do have we do have friends that the military did testing on without their prior knowledge in? Yeah, military does that kind of stuff.

Christina 33:19
Why do they know about it, is the question?

Austin 33:22
Because they got a lawsuit

Joanie 33:23
lawsuit against him for testing. Medication on

Matt 33:28
my goodness.

Austin 33:30
He was a kid. The military psychologist was testing drugs on the kids.

Jen 33:39
Military Family kids?

Joanie 33:41

Matt 33:42
that’s pretty wild, I haven’t heard that. I do know.

Austin 33:45
And he got they got $10,000 for it.

Christina 33:48
Wow. So rich.

Jen 33:50
Did he have any ailments? from it?

Austin 33:54
Well, there was it was in the early days of ADHD drugs. But he didn’t have ADHD.

Jen 34:01
Does he have it now?

Austin 34:03
huh? tourettes

David 34:06
Oh, my word

Matt 34:09
That swear word was not intentional, but it works with tourettes

Austin 34:16
tourettes takes different forms. His wasn’t verbal, his words, basically a twitch.

Matt 34:22
I just know, I count, I count my lucky stars for my time in the military. When I did when I deployed. Typically, everybody had to have the anthrax vaccine, the untested anthrax vaccine. I found out on a Monday that I was leaving Friday. So it’s a multiple staged shot that you it’s required that you had before you go at the time. My service medical record book says, I got it. It’s

Joanie 34:48

Matt 34:49
I did not get it.

David 34:52
You mean you don’t think you got it right?

Matt 34:56
You would definitely know because it leaves a nice little scab and then like has to heal up. They give you a shot. It’s like a three series three series shot, I think. But the super sad part about this is and again, I’m not a doctor, but I know friends who got it. I out of the military people I know it seems like a disproportionate amount of them have lupus You know, one of which I know died. Like and so you begin to wonder like untested vaccine, lupus like symptoms, like how could you know

Austin 35:34
what could go wrong? There’s you realize there’s no no federal regulatory regulations for vaccines?

Joanie 35:41

Austin 35:42
Yeah, there’s the average drug to go out. Because it’s considered a preventative medicine, it’s not considered a drug. So the rules for vaccines are almost non existent.

Joanie 35:54
that explains so much

Austin 35:55
there’s there’s a speech by I want to say it’s the only Kennedy left the and he does any. And he has a speech that he goes wails on the pharmaceutical industry and vaccines. And he gives you all these facts, and I read it, it will have it somebody posted the transcript on Facebook, and at least according to that speech, that like the vaccine for HPV vaccine, like was only tested for for like eight days on like 200 people,

Matt 36:35
I just pulled it up, dude, that was the one I was going to next.

Austin 36:38
So I can’t remember which anyway, just that vaccines don’t have the same regulations, if any. So they can put out however frickin many vaccines they want. And, and then at the same time, it still gets regulated with schools and stuff. And so it’s essentially all of the income with none of the consequences for pharmaceutical industries. Because

Christina 37:06
So weird how we keep having more and more vaccines.

Austin 37:08
It’s almost it’s almost like they’re intentionally shoving What is it 140 different shots now, in a kid by the time he’s six.

Matt 37:17
It’s honestly shots, but it’s vaccines included in those shots. So you can have multiple, multiple vaccine. It was like, well, I get 140. Well, shot is not it’s not a one to one kind of situation and the HPV vaccine is as unproven as it is. As far as like side effects, one that has been added to the schedule for the schedule for kids. It’s all

Jen 37:40
and it’s like before the age it’s like before the age of nine?

Matt 37:43
It’s 11 and 12 is what am I, at least for the boys, one that I’m looking at right now.

Jen 37:47
Whatever happened, don’t have sex or use a condom like

Christina 37:52

Austin 37:55
Speaking of the Epstein trials

Matt 38:05
on a really interesting note, so I think, you know, all of us Americans here kind of got this idea that that the tetanus shot is super good for rusty nail stepping on rusty nail, like I said a interesting bit of research and found out that like, it’s not like you’re you the odds of you getting vaccine damage versus getting any kind of you know, tetanus issue is like, way worse and the side of getting the shot. I just got recently

Jen 38:34
as you stated you that after before he gets

Matt 38:38
me like I had a physical until I was like, Oh, I’m pretty sure I’m due let’s do this thing. Like I don’t even didn’t even think twice about it.

Austin 38:46
Like I love it when they say you need to get your flu shot side effects might include getting the flu

Christina 38:53

Austin 38:56
tell you what I I’ll just see if I get the flu. And we’ll deal with it

Jen 39:00
Chances are you’re going to get the flu shot, but they’re going to get the flu with a different strain? What right yeah,

there’s such a strange stuff. But like Why? Why put that in your body like your body’s been created to do all these fabulous things and to fight off antibodies and to make you survive? Like, let’s do a thing. Let’s do

Austin 39:19
it. We should do an episode on vaccines.

Joanie 39:21
We should do an episode.

Christina 39:24
We have talked about a little bit in conspiracy.

Austin 39:28
I think we Yeah, the conspiracy one. But I gotta be honest, it’s one of those subjects that I haven’t truly researched the pros and cons or the you know, the, the good side and the bad side. So it is one of those subjects every time it comes up. I hate being one of those guys. That’s like, conspiracy, conspiracy, no supporting evidence or information. Because I do although I’m a major conspiracy theorists, I tried to be as factual as I can. And not just but it’s, I will say for me, it’s what I do know about the pharmacy medical industry is the food industry’s I mean, it’s just like, there’s zero doubt in my mind that there’s a lot of bullcrap. And inside the vaccine discussion, it’s just a matter of how much bull crap and where does it, where does it belong? But

Jen 40:14
definitely, I wrote it down for our next

Matt 40:17
right on Well, we’ll keep things moving along here, but definitely get to the Nones

Christina 40:22
and Nones, so the

Joanie 40:24

or the unaffiliated, so I came across this term this week, I don’t even remember how I found it. But this happens to be the fastest growing religious or non religious? The fastest group of people growing across the the world actually. And these are people who, when you’re filling out a form, and you have to select your religion, you know, it can be Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism, or you can select None. And that this group of people that are selected, none is the fastest growing group in the world right now. Some statistics are that about one in three people claim no religion, versus in the baby boomers generation was about one in 20. We went from a very religious, very religiously identified culture, to now people are moving away from that.

And I think part of what’s that,

Jen 41:29
I’ve got a question for you keep going.

Joanie 41:33
So what we’re finding is that individualism and is becoming a really big thing. People want to be individual, but we’re still group oriented, we still want our tribe. So people want to be individuals, but they can’t find a group that meets all of their needs. So now there’s actually a group forming around that concept. And I looked at YouTube videos, especially in Great Britain, they’re actually starting line church services for the Nones. And it’s kind of more like Ted Talks. But it gives people a place to express themselves to meet new people. But it brings up a lot of questions. Right now, the primary focus of these Nones group is they’re atheists, they’re anti God. And the people that are proponents of the the Nones group, they don’t want it to be that because the idea of being atheist is being against something. So right now the movement is moving towards what are we about? And I think a lot of that is individual freedom, individual expression. And a lot of them are moving away from the religious background that they grew up with.

Austin 42:45
Sounds like religious libertarianism.

Christina 42:49

Austin 42:50
That’s, I mean, tell one of them. Are you there?

Matt 42:55
Tell one of them their religious though.

Jen 42:58
I’m curious if they were to sub out the word “religious” with “spirituality”, and what? How that would jive with people differently. I think that’s where remotely softer word like

that. To me, they’re completely two different, like, they’re not even in the same ballpark.

Matt 43:13
But I think people like respond, you know, much differently to religion than they do to spirituality. What I mean,

Jen 43:20

Joanie 43:21
that’s very true. And that’s in some of the statistics I was looking at is that if you pull most of them, they will identify as spiritual. Very much so but not religious. And I think it’s getting away from the the

Matt 43:37

Joanie 43:38
restrictions, yeah, that they were brought up with, and a lot of them mentioned science that, you know, religion just doesn’t make sense. Or the or doesn’t match up with their political views, or, you know, all these things. So they’re just getting away and literally building their own group, but they are very spiritual. It’s very important to this whole group of people,

Christina 43:59
spiritual but not with God. So religious.

Joanie 44:03
Well, some of them believe in God. And that’s the things about half of them actually believe in God.

David 44:10
But I thought you had said they were Atheist.

Joanie 44:13
yeah, it’s about 5050. Like, I mean, by definition, it’s a very vague group, but

Jen 44:19
I feel like I could be one of the group members. None! Sorry.

Ha ha the None.

Austin 44:26
That’s why, that’s why I started New Age Christianity was because there was, I mean, we all know, there’s so many of the people we know and love that just can no longer call themselves Christian. But they’re certainly not going to call themselves you know, Muslim, or Buddhist, or, you know, whatever. And so it’s been this, if you listen to the, to the NAC podcast, I have so many episodes, and one of them was I have a recurring episode interview with The New Age Christian, in which the entire discussion is how do you define this? What does this? What is it to be one of these people? Why does it matter to have a label? Why does it because there is a human, we need community, we need identity, we hate labels. And yet, if we don’t have them, we search for him. Right? Like I don’t, don’t don’t box me in Where’s, my can.

Jen 45:19

Austin 45:20
finally have a label that i can i do know what it is, is don’t call me something I don’t want to be called, call me something, I want to be called those no different than we had the discussion. You know, it used to be, you know, Negroes, and it was blacks. And that was African Americans. It’s like, Don’t give me the name I don’t want but I do want a name. And I do want an identity, I do want to be known as something. And so it is. So NAC is just an adventures and try to answer that question. And it sounds like this as well. And it’s, I think you probably end up have this a coalescing around kind of a nebulous non identity is what it is. And then you’ll that will split and people will start new spiritual identities will begin to blossom out of this age, including things like New Age Christianity. And so a lot of people who are non, especially ones who were former Christian will probably then gravitate towards an identity. I don’t know if it’ll be called New Age, Christianity or wherever but humanity is, is begging for an identity, and there will be a label given to it somewhere. I think calling myself a new age, Christian is as good of a label as anything else. It kind of does fit who I am. And that’s why I call myself that. It just and the website was built. So that over time people will go well, what is that well go to the website, go NewAgeChristianity.org and find out because labels and boxes can be useful. If I told you I was a Muslim, you would immediately immediately be able to put some framework around my beliefs, my perspectives on life. And sure, he could probably be a little bit prejudiced if wanted to. But there’s, there’s a, it’s a double edged sword when you have a label, and I think I don’t think nons or Nones will be, doesn’t feel like a label that will survive the the heart cry of what it is, to be. Have one and I think right now our society is kind of in that like, don’t label me, you know, don’t try to fence me in. But at the same time, they’re all going. I’m a None because we all want to be fenced in and labeled. And But eventually, you’re going to find that you’re in this group with people that are completely not like you. And by and large, you’re going to eventually want to work your way towards people that are like you. It’s just how we are we’re tribal, by nature, we’re community driven by nature. So I see it as a very palpable tangible sign of the age. But I also see it, it’s only a step along the journey, I don’t feel like it’s a sustainable title, that will fulfill what people are looking for. Couldn’t be wrong, but I have spent a lot of time pontificating and researching and thinking around the value of being a part of the community. And I get it. And there’s a lot of people that don’t know which community they belong. And that’s just kind of where we’re at. And with the agents, especially with the Internet, and the proliferation of ideas and all that. I’m curious if like the atheists are like thinking, you know, for the for the spiritual people that are involved, like, hey, just go to the Unitarian Church, then you go to the Universalist. You know. I don’t know, it’s, it’s a tough place to

go, I’m in this group that half of you don’t even want me here.

Jen 48:47
Well, they’re in their own group,Why do you have to join that group.

Joanie 48:52
I will think it will sub-divide, because right now, I mean, the term is coming up, because you have to select Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist, you know, and and the fourth option is none. So people are selecting that. But yeah, it’s lumping in people who are starkly atheist with which, with people that believe in God, there’s a major difference there. So I do think they’re going to start weeding themselves out. And I don’t know, it’s kind of going the way of gender to be honest. People are picking their own categories, and there’s going to be 50 boxes for everything, or I don’t know, maybe those subgroups will, will join forces. And I don’t know, it’d be really interesting, but it seems like across the board in many different areas of life, this is where people are going that they want to be individuals and want to be heard and understood and find like minded people, and we’re trying to figure out how to do that.

Austin 49:41
I think if you option called “other”.

Matt 49:43
I was just going to say that. Did you have the other?

What would you want to be an other out of curiosity?

Jen 49:50

Austin 49:51
I’m still am, I’m a New Age Christian .

Matt 49:52
You’re not normal , you’re other.

Jen 49:54
Yeah, I am.

Joanie 49:54
The other term that I found is they call them the unaffiliated. So if you go to like the Pew searches, whereas looking up a lot of my statistics, if you go to the Pewforum.org and look up the unaffiliated, you’ll get a lot of their statistics.

Christina 50:07
Well, I wonder at what point we’re just going to stop checking somebody boxes like to be a point where we’re not trying to, cus I mean, it is like, the more diverse things are, it’s going to be a little bit ridiculous.

Matt 50:19
I just filled out an application for local school system. And I was like, I have to I have to put myself in all these boxes, so that you guys can feel good about demographics.

Jen 50:29
I’ve kind of gotten difficult, and I stopped doing that. Don’t put me in a box.I’m that person.

Matt 50:36
Well, it’s funny, cuz it’s like not what was it? Like? What are you? It’s like, how do you identify? So

Austin 50:42
let’s see, now , Jen,

Jen 50:43
It’s a product of where we live.

Austin 50:45
I’m so with you. But you were you were like your earlier when Johnny was talk about the Nones, you were like, I could be a part of this group.

Jen 50:54
Well, I think in this context, just the geographical location in which we live, because we’ve lived kind of all over the place, but they’re very hyper sensitive to who you are, what you are, what you call yourself, what’s your background, and to the point where I’ve been in meetings and trainings, and I’m like, I feel like I’m getting white shamed right now. And I don’t like that feeling whatsoever. Because,

Matt 51:21
well, if you’re comfortable. Sorry.

Jen 51:22
Well, it’s an it’s an injustice to whomever was feeling that pressure, that pendulum is going to go the other way. And that’s not going to solve the problem. We’re just going to keep continuing this hurtful stage until we say hey, we’re all humans. We’re all in this together. I feel like a Disney song. You know, I’m talking about Tina. Yep.

Austin 51:50
Copyright infringement.

Jen 51:56
Take it back. I don’t know your time on.

Matt 51:58
So Tico and Tina , did you guys want to fight over which I think we’re time wise, we should probably just hit one more topic.

Christina 52:06
I’m shorter so he can go in line, I guess. Oh, so I don’t know. It was a long time ago, I ran across something about this. And I don’t remember how or what, what. But these kinds of things intrigued me. I’m sure some of you guys are familiar with some of the lost city type stuff. But I I grew up in the Midwest, largely. And I didn’t know that there was one in Western Illinois. The last city in Western Illinois. Is this

Austin 52:40
like Lost Vegas?

Matt 52:42
I think Iowa was the lost city right.

Christina 52:44
So apparently it was once home to America’s largest prehistoric population Cahokia. America’s first great city. Archaeological data indicates that the site came into existence right around 800 ad and flourished for around 500 years. So it was we have this the largest. What’s it called? I don’t know. It’s called monks mound. And the base covers over 14 acres and stands 100 feet high. They figured that there was a building at the top that was over 104 feet long and 48 feet wide. And then they had a fortress to wall around it those two miles long. And they even had the called Woodhenge which was the their version of Stonehenge essentially to be able to track time and whatnot. And I found this very interesting. They they estimated that at its peak, which was around 1100 ad had 20,000 to 40,000 citizens there. And so, I don’t know it’s just stuff like that, that you just don’t know about and it’s weird considering I mean it you can you can see video and everything. It’s just weird considering how living living in the Midwest and not even knowing anything about that.

Matt 54:17
Well, it’s because last cities are always supposed to be like over there like, right far away. Not

Austin 54:23
When we go here. There was nothing here. North America there was there was no,

Joanie 54:28
no, it’s just empty. And we just took over and started a completely new thing. So

Christina 54:32
Well the Indians definitely were never that like they never had all that stuff figured out right?

Austin 54:36
Like “Indi” What?

Joanie 54:37
So what is this group that had this big city was it Native American? Or was it

Matt 54:44
indigenous peoples you know ?

Christina 54:45
Well, yeah, they wouldn’t say I would say Native American indigenous. I don’t know what you want to call it. But, um, they think that that would have been the case. And that’s, that’s what I’m saying. Like, the the stories that we’ve been told, largely, you have the impression that there’s a bunch of huts or something, you know,

Joanie 55:06
they’re just little teepees and little groups and moved around. And

Christina 55:09
yeah, but apparently there there were big civilizations. Then another thing along similar lines as far as like, weird stuff, have you ever heard of the underground scene that supposedly in the Grand Canyon? They they found this was articles and in papers in the like, the caves? And the Yes.

Matt 55:36
Yeah, ancient aliens.

Jen 55:38
Well, yeah, the same with the Mayans, they had like,

Christina 55:43
okay, I don’t know, I had I had seen it a while ago, but I forgot about and this made me the whole thing with Illinois made me remember and go look it up again. And so the details are that someone mining, mining for gold is that, but they couldn’t say that back at that time, because they weren’t supposed to be doing that, I guess, I don’t know, minerals. They found an underground city with long passageways connecting hundreds of rooms. Then they estimated that 50,000 people could have lived there. They had, they found all sorts of Oriental artifacts, including a Big Buddha statue. And then there were other rooms with Egyptian artifacts, some mummies and all that kind of stuff. So like, what, just the concept that the stuff that we’ve been taught is so limited, and potentially very, very different than what really happened. Oh, and one of the things I thought was really interesting. I don’t know, I didn’t try to validate this. But someone was saying that the city in Illinois, where some of the stuff, some of the Lost City concept in that area, somehow fit with some of the Joseph Smith stuff. He talked about his stuff. So that’s interesting to think about, you know, I don’t know Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder, if you don’t recognize that,

Matt 57:10
I think a really interesting read if you’re I mentioned it in a previous podcast, but or that may not have aired yet. So in a future podcast, telling the future right now is a book 1491 by Charles C Mann, Charles, man, Charles C Mann, yeah, Charles C Mann. And he really gets into not just basically an alternative history to what you’ve heard, but kind of gets into the reasons why history is dictated as it is, from anthropological an archaeological perspective, really cool stuff. And it gets into some definitely interesting stuff here in the United States, prior to the Columbus era, New America era. So

Anybody else want to hop in on that, or we should get the products,


Jen 57:59
We can do products, I can go first.

Matt 58:03
Get it , Get it. girl.

Jen 58:04
All right, I’ve got a supplement that has helped me out a lot. From this preference. I’m not a doctor, but so don’t take this as professional advice, you can get it off inter webs. So take that for what it is. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have had some issues with my thyroid, but not with my lab work. And so just trying to figure out what my physical symptoms were. So I had been taking Selenium for a while, because that helps with your thyroid. And then so I kind of just googled something different. And I found a thyroid active, complex. So that’s what it looks like. Good old doctor, Email, Emul , EMILMU. Emil, he designed formula, it says that it helps metabolism, energy and focus. It doesn’t do any of that for me. But it does help me a lot with like, my depression and my feelings and my my mental health. And so this is the one that I just ordered another one, because it’s been really helpful for me in those areas.

So, yeah, that’s my product. Cool. And I can’t, there you go.

Matt 59:23
There you go.

Cool. So I’ll hop in next, I’ve got a product that is a childhood favorite of mine, had a friend named Tony and his brother, Henry, they had one of these. And we would play on this thing from the time that we were small lads to the time after we graduated from from high school, and then I bought one for my kids, because I’m a kid. And it’s simply a balanced board, so this makes a lot more sense if you can imagine if you can see it. But it’s basically it’s a wood ,piece of wood of like with a little little beam on the bottom. And then there’s a wooden log that goes in with a groove that goes into that. And you it’s a balance board, and you can spin around and these things you can rock back and forth, work your core work your balance, I thought it would be a fun Christmas present for the kids as well. So that’s why I picked it up. And I’ve used the heck out of it. So watch me watch me, I could do it I’m so good at this. And then this one was kind of fun, too. In that it had a little bumper,that you could kind of not just go right into the hardcore kind of, you know, rolling on the log bit. But you could slide this thing on there and rock side to side, or depending how you put it back and forth kind of like training wheels, if you will. And a really accessible way to get into balance boards. And it translates I think, you know exceptionally well if you’ve ever been skateboarding or snowboarding or you know, boarding of some sort, when it’s not, when it’s your offseason, you, when you come back to the season, you feel like you’re like a newborn deer or something sometimes, that first time you’re out its like, oh my god. So it’s it’s a way to stay on a board keep that kind of coordination going. And it’s just a ton of fun. I, the reason I’m highlighting this particular board is because I’m super satisfied with the purchase. There were a lot of options. And I did a ton of freakin research on it. And came to conclusion, you know, for the price point, this was the one I wanted. I love it. Yeah, and the kids have a good time on to. And the fun thing is it’s not just our kids, whenever kids come over to the house, they see it and they’re like I’m getting on this thing. And so

Jen 1:01:34
like a magnet,

Matt 1:01:34

Christina 1:01:35
Sign a waiver or something?

Matt 1:01:37
Right. We keep it on the carpet for the most part. Whereas, you know, back back in the 90s, it was cooler actually in the 80s still is cool to just be in my friends concrete basement, and we just took headers into the wall and Whatnot but not the litigious society nowadays, maybe it’s better to keep it on your carpet. But it’s a good time. I highly, highly recommend it for you and your kids have fun. It’s part of life,

Austin 1:02:00
Did you just call me litigious.

Matt 1:02:02
Mmmm No?

Let me let me talk to my lawyer.

Austin 1:02:12
So for me, I don’t know, I feel like I’ve mentioned it before. And I’m just reminded of it every time I get one of their emails. But this isn’t necessarily a specific product as much as a product outlet called Appsumo. For any of you anybody who listens to this and does any sort of online content production, you have any sort of whether it’s a WordPress website, a Shopify website, any, even if you don’t just do website, if you do stuff with social media, you should check out and I know they have affiliate links. So we can, you know, check kit, check out the link in the show notes. But I saw another email from them today of a product that I highly consider getting, I’ve gotten a lot of their stuff. And they come out with basically lifetime deals for different tech products that are some of them are pretty insane. They even have freebies, they have different different tools available for social media for WordPress sites for, you know, marketing and stuff like that. So yeah, if you are doing any sort of online, anything, business wise, you should become a member of Appsumo and get, get to them through our affiliate link. And help us out we highly appreciate it. But I use them a lot I know to continue to do as well. And it’s it’s a crazy, crazy good service.

Joanie 1:03:46
So my product, for those of you that know me, I am a major straw person. And I have to have a straw with all my drinks. And this whole trend of getting away from straws is not a good thing for me. Look, every one’s got their reusable cups. So I’m a big fan of reusable cups. I always have my Starbucks cup with me. But a lot of the restaurants I’m finding that you’re going to they’re doing this whole paper straw trend, which I am not a fan of I hate paper straws. They’re not the answer. They’re not the problem.

Austin 1:04:16
straws aren’t even the problem!

Joanie 1:04:17
They aren’t even the problem. So I hate this trend. But something that I have found that I’ve kept in my purse is they make these reusable silicone straws that literally fold into fourths and you have a nice little carrying case that come with a nice little cleaning tool. But I’ve literally kept this in my purse and you can pull it out when you’re at a restaurant and then give you a crappy paper straw. Take it out throw it away, use my reusable one. And it solves a lot of my problems being straw person. So we’ll have links to the reusable personal straw

Matt 1:04:49
cool and you’re cool with cleaning it.

Joanie 1:04:52
Yeah, I don’t mind cleaning it. I just can’t stand the paper and I have to have a straw. I won’t even drink my drink if there’s no straw.

Matt 1:04:59
That’s cool. That’s that’s been like a big barrier for me is like I know Jen shows you that those straws and like we get some of them like how am I gonna clean inside this thing? uuugh!.

Jen 1:05:06
That’s because we do like fruit smoothies with the kids.

Joanie 1:05:09
No, you don’t do that. You have to clean those

Jen 1:05:12
Can they go in the dishwasher?

Joanie 1:05:14
That’s a good question. I would think so. It’s metal it’s actually has a metal outside and it folds together and has a silicone inside so I would imagine it does

Austin 1:05:23
the straw things a problem. It’s a problem. Beer through the straw. Yes.

Jen 1:05:30
There you go , Same way though. I

Austin 1:05:35
Only thing I don’t drink through a straw is hard liquor.

Joanie 1:05:38
Yeah, because because the straws are too big. If I have straws that fit the glass.

And I Yep, yeah, see I’m such a big straw person. I actually thought about writing a book on this on the the height of the straw versus the cup the style is dropped for the drink. I mean, this is this is

what you’re drinking wrapper. You can’t have the plastic wrappers because those don’t come off.

Austin 1:06:03
So The truth around the straw , the straw life 2018. Yes.

Matt 1:06:09
Qanons take on straws. Yeah.

Jen 1:06:13
It’s conspiracy.

Christina 1:06:16
Right. Well, my product is something we talked about, I think on the last mostly monthly around smelling bad. And I’ve tried out a lot of different natural deodorants. And David’s tried to some of them doesn’t like as many of them I don’t know. I have tried a lot of ones that I don’t like the consistency. Because they’re sloppy, because they’re made out of coconut oil and stuff like that. And they just, you know, just not fun to apply. This one I actually like well, why is our thing backwards and there’s wasn’t good. It just looks bad for us. Sam’s natural is the brand and they have like 17 different scents. And I got Patchouli and David got tobacco

David 1:07:14
tobacco. Oh, manly scents Its not as Tobacco-y you could hope

Christina 1:07:20
Yeah, it’s not super strong. But anyway, It’s working well for you so far?

David 1:07:25
Yeah, it’s alright, its working well,

Christina 1:07:27
I like the consistency. Oh, here. I’ll show you how it looks.

Matt 1:07:31
And it’s purely deodorant. Not in antiperspirant or where are we at here?

Christina 1:07:34
Yeah, it doesn’t. Well, I assume it’s not because the stuff that makes it antiperspirant is a) bad for you, b) toxic. I guess that’s the same thing. You know, yeah, but it has the one thing this I thought that it did not I’m not seeing it. I was thinking maybe that had a whats it called, baking soda. But now I think it has arrow root powder instead. No maybe. Anyway, is sodium bicarbonate, baking soda. Yes. It does have baking soda, which can be an irritant. I haven’t found any sort of problem with it. But some people I know do so. I’ll do that though. I really like and I think that’s probably why the consistency is better is because of that. But

Matt 1:07:38
I’m personally going to go check it out. That’s something that’s an issue I’ve had to so

Christina 1:08:26
Amazon. And actually it’s a good price for these kind of deodorants. A lot of deodorants well at least on Amazon, a lot of them are like, pricey, 12 $15 whatever. This is, like, under 10. So David, youdon’t have anything else?

David 1:08:43
Oh, let’s go back a couple of years ago. Oh, and I was at a coffee shop and I decided to buy this little mug. And I was so happy cuz obviously if you’re at a coffee shop, then the mugs that you would get would be amazing. It’s a coffee shop and you buy coffee and you get a mug there. So you would think it’s great.

Christina 1:09:07
I said it was stupid.

David 1:09:08
It was a piece of crap.

Christina 1:09:09
From the beginning I said “don’t get it”

David 1:09:10
it was one of those mugs that if you had if your coffee was too hot, and you would put put the lid on then the coffee would start spewing out of the lid. And then it had a ridge around the top where it had a plot the plot the the plastic handle had a ring that it was attached to that it came up in there so crap could get inside of the the in between the plastic in the mug itself. So it was toxic, horrible design. It was terrible. And then it broke. And then it was a piece of crap. And I hated it. So um, I recently got this thing. You mean I got it for Christina Got it? For me. It’s an SLM

Christina 1:09:17
it’sall the things that the other one wasn’t in it.

David 1:09:58
It has a great little it’s like “a la” . What what are they the Yeti cups? Are they Yeah, right. Yeah. “a la” Yeti cup lid. And it keeps my coffee. Very, very hot. And it’s great.

Christina 1:10:14
And it came with a straw.

David 1:10:17
I didn’t know that. Where is it? You steal my straw?

Matt 1:10:22
what’s the what’s the price point on next? I know like I just saw me was like I’m white. But I’m not $300 Yeti cooler white.

Christina 1:10:29
I want to say it was like

David 1:10:32
yeah, and and the other mug was a smaller mug than this.

Christina 1:10:36
Yeah, this is a good size.

David 1:10:37
And, and it was like 25 bucks. Hmm. And this is like $10 cheaper and just way better quality. They’re not so many moving parts, etc. I mean, it’s this is great. Love it,

Christina 1:10:51
He should always let me pick his products is basically what he’s saying. The end.

Matt 1:11:00
Cool. Well, I think that wraps up mostly monthly for us. It mostly mostly mostly wraps up mostly, they come out at night, mostly. That said all these products if you if you were to go to our web page and and and click on the links there, it’ll take you right to the product. We’re getting a little bit of that helping helping keep the show going. So if you’ve got a hankering to pick up one of these, please do please use the link helps out a ton. And you know you can check out our other shows you can check us on social media at epochideas. You check out our Patreon account if you just want to throw that cash straight to us. We really appreciate it. We’ve been working this thing for a while it’s a passion project. We love it. but Man, it’d be nice to make a dime or two. So thanks for listening. You made it this far. Thanks for going the distance with us and enjoying these conversations worth having Take care.

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